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Englische Lerngeschichte: Kapitel 1


Blueland - Blauland

Englischer Text:

Chapter 1

This is a story about a very special boy. His name is Blueboy but everybody calls him “Little Boy Blue”.

He lives in a blue house, in another street, in another country. This country is far away from where you live. It is so very far away that only a few people ever get there - though many people have tried.

It is not a big country, but a very small island in the middle of the deep blue ocean. A tiny little island. In fact it is the smallest little island on planet earth. Probably it is even the smallest country in the whole wide world. It is called Blueland because on this tiny little island, everything is blue.

That's the reason why the little boy lives in a blue house. He lives there with his mother and his father who had built their house, with his older sister who is called Bluegirl and a blue dog, wagging his blue tail. There are blue pictures on the blue walls. The doors are blue, the low roof is blue, the kitchen is blue and even the grass and the trees in the garden as well. All plants are blue and so is the food they eat. Imagine that! Everything is blue! The animals, not only the dogs, but the cats, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the horses, the pigs and the other animals are all blue. The cows are as blue as their milk.

By the way, you have to look really hard if you want to see a cow in Blueland. There are many cows but these blue cows are very hard to find. Can you imagine why? Yes, of course, you're right. That's an easy question so the answer is easy as well: It is difficult to pick out a blue cow in the middle of a blue meadow.

There is a similar problem if you are interested in books or if you're going to write a letter or draw a picture in Blueland. It is very hard to read the blue lines on the blue paper of the pages. All crayons, pens, and pencils in Blueland are blue. Everything is blue! The fish in the river are as blue as its water and even the people in Blueland are blue. Their hair is blue, they have got blue eyes and blue lips within their blue faces. The tips of their fingers on their hands and the tips of their toes on their feet are as blue as the clothes they wear.

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