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Colourful Dreams

Englische Gute-Nacht-Geschichte / Lerngeschichte frei nach dem Kinderlied Sing A Rainbow

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Englischer Text:

Sing A Rainbow

Colourful Dreams

There was once a little girl who lived at the seaside. She loved to sit on the seaside pier in the evening with her legs dangling through the railings and count the sailing ships passing by.

She loved the sound of the sea and the smell of the sea and she loved the colours of the ships.

One evening she saw a huge green boat and she counted: “One.” Then she saw a tall blue boat, which was number two. Then a red one, number three and another green one; and that makes four.

Next there were two white ships; five and six, followed by another green one; number seven.

The eighth ship was blue and so was the ninth.

The little girl thought the ships were amazing. She knew the ships were huge but in her eyes they looked so small as they bounced on the waves.

Just as the little girl saw the tenth ship she felt a bit tired and she slowly closed her eyes.

Red and yellow and pink and green
Orange and purple and blue
I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow, too

With her eyes closed she imagined the ships sailing on the sea and she imagined all the beautiful colours bobbing about in the ocean.

(Sing A Rainbow, Sing A Rainbow With Me)

Green, blue, red, yellow, and pink, orange ...

(Sing A Rainbow, sing a rainbow)

Violet, brown and black and white. And as she yawned a great big yawn and smiled a huge smile she could still hear the sound of the waves splashing against the pier. She wasn’t quite sure if she’d really heard them or if she was simply dreaming. What a wonderful feeling.

Sing a rainbow
oh, Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing along with me

© 2015, written by Mike Wilbury

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